Announcing Austin's Women's Professional Ultimate Team: The Austin Torch! 


The Torch is Austin’s newest professional women’s ultimate team! This team was ignited by the Austin Ultimate Community in an effort to promote women in ultimate and showcase them to an audience that wouldn’t otherwise get the opportunity to watch fierce, elite women in action. From its inception, the community has taken a grass-roots approach to this team in terms of ownership, funding, and organization.

Highlights, interview and more in this game-day experience video from the Torch's 13-4 victory over Nashville Nightshade on June 23, 2018:


Check out the UNBELIEVABLE highlights and the game-day experience from our double-overtime, come-from-behind victory over the Atlanta Soul in the first professional women's ultimate frisbee game in Georgia on June 2, 2018:

How amazing was the inaugural game on May 12 vs. Colombia?! See below!