Austin wins in Atlanta in Double Overtime!

On June 2, the Torch traveled to Atlanta to play in the first professional women's ultimate fribsee game in the State of Georgia. The Atlanta Soul treated us to a great crowd and an incredibly welcoming, competitive and spirited atmosphere. 

With only 20 seconds left in regulation and down by two scores, Amy Broome connected with Elise Bjork who put a gorgeous flick to the end-zone. Thanks to Bethani Eberhart's masterful box-out and Elise Franke's ups, the Torch pulled to within one with only 8 seconds left. Assistant Coach Colleen Kepner called an on-sides pull, which would give the Torch ONE chance to get a D and a huck. Thanks to Bex Forth's intense mark, Dre Esparza's run thru D and quick throw and Michelle's perfect snag, the Torch sent the game to OT, later to win on Universe Point in double over-time. Relive the game highlights and experience here: